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What is AMP

AMP is an online aircraft maintenance and status tracking service.

Owners/operators or AMO's contract with Avdex.  The contract structure is based on a take-on and an annual service fee.  This gives full access to the program online for data capturing as well as the comprehensive status reporting features.  Aircraft are linked to the online maintenance schedule thereby complying with the maintenance manual or MPD requirements. 

A maintenance schedule is generated for each type of aircraft; these schedules contain the various maintenance items with standard maintenance periods.  The item can be triggered by period type including: date, hours, cycles, landing, recurring or once-off. Also included are airworthiness directives and service bulletins.  Once an aircraft is linked to the maintenance schedule, the current overhaul and maintenance information must be captured as a base line for scheduling future maintenance.

On going aircraft utilization is then captured on a regular basis and due times are calculated.

With this information on hand, it is very easy to keep track of maintenance requirements on the aircraft.  Valuable reports can be generated online by the owner/operator or AMO to show the current history of all items in a maintenance schedule and the items or tasks that will be due in the near future.  These reports assist owners/operators to schedule maintenance time, budget and most importantly not to miss any due items on the aircraft.

All inquiries for more information or assistance can be directed to AMP staff though the AMP e-mail link: amp@avdex.co.za